Creating an Event program in Pardot comes with challenges. Not only did I do a lot of research, read a lot of posts in the Salesforce community, and blog posts, I decided to save you time by making a step by step guide. Here is the flow:


Let’s start in Pardot:

1. Create an Event folder to nest all the assets
a) Campaign (for ex. Event Promotion)
b) Form to register
c) Landing page
d) Invitation email (make sure it’s a list email or template email)
e) Confirmation email (make sure it’s template email)
f) Day before reminder emailĀ (make sure it’s a list email)
g) Registered Static List







2. Go to Sales Cloud and create a Campaign


*Note: Make sure the Active checkbox is checked!

a) Click on advanced setup –> Edit –> Add the statuses below



3. Go back to Pardot and select the Form. Now it’s time to add the completion actions:

Due to limited access, you need two very important completion actions: