How to concatenate fields in Marketo

Concatenating fields in Marketo is great for keeping track of past vs. recent activities. For example you might be interested to see which product the lead was first interested in, and which product was the last touch before conversion to an opportunity. Or maybe you are interested to see all touch points before the lead converts. 


LinkedIn LeadGen forms and Marketo

LinkedIn is a great platform to target your audience based on demographic criteria (company, country, job title…). What is even better, is that you can monitor your campaign performance in Marketo. In this post I will touch upon creating LeadGen forms in LinkedIn and syncing leads to Marketo.

Topics covered:

  • Create LeadGen Forms
  • Test LeadGen Forms
  • Prepare Marketo Campaign

GDPR Technical setup in Marketo

The GDPR technical process has given a headache to many, some companies are ahead, some are still building the flow. Here are the assets you would need to create:

  • Custom field: GDPR consent
  • Custom field: Double opt-in consent date (a stamp when leads double opt-in)
  • Custom field: Double opt-in
  • Custom field: Marketing consent
  • Double opt-in email
  • Landing page
Pardot Tutorials

How to create an Event program in Pardot

Creating an Event program in Pardot comes with challenges. Not only did I do a lot of research, read a lot of posts in the Salesforce community, and blog posts, I decided to save you time by making a step by step guide. Here is the flow:


Error Importing Lists in Pardot – How to fix it

Sometimes we would like to import a list of prospects to Pardot who have attended one of our events. We have collected and sorted the list with the most important data. Pardot will ask us to save the Excel list in .csv format using UTF-8 character encoding to preserve special characters, would it be the prospect’s name, company name, or additional custom fields.

Marketo Tutorials

How to Build Webinar Programs in Marketo

Webinars are a great marketing initiative in engaging and warming up leads, but also acquiring new ones. The challenge I came across when I started using Marketo, is how to build a webinar program from scratch? After spending endless hours reading various articles, testing different ways, I though it will be a great idea to put my knowledge in a blog and help you spare the time in building a Webinar Program.