LinkedIn is a great platform to target your audience based on demographic criteria (company, country, job title…). What is even better, is that you can monitor your campaign performance in Marketo. In this post I will touch upon creating LeadGen forms in LinkedIn and syncing leads to Marketo.

Topics covered:

LinkedIn Steps:

  1. Log in to the Campaign Manager on LinkedIn and click on your account
  2. Click on Account Assets and choose Lead Gen Forms
  3. Create new form template
  4. Configure your form by filling out your campaign information. Make sure you remember which fields you have on the form
  5. Create Campaign

Marketo Steps:

  1. Set up a Launchpoint: LinkedIn Lead Gen
  2. Login with your personal LinkedIn account and authorize it
  3. Choose the company account name for the Campaign Manager
  4. Map out the fields you want to populate in Marketo
  5. Save

Test and Sync Steps:

Now your campaign is created in LinkedIn. Before you activate it, it’s good to do a test round. You need to first test the campaign on LinkedIn in order to be able to select the form in Marketo. Navigate to Campaign Performance:

You should be able to see all your campaigns, but you need to find the one that is using the LeadGen form. Hover over your campaign and click Manage.

You will get to the window where you define your audience. Click on Ad and then the preview icon.

You will see how the your target audience will see the form. Fill out your details on the form and click on the CTA button.

Assuming that you have created a marketing campaign in Marketo, you may now create a smart campaign. In the smart list, drag and drop fills out Linkedin Lead Gen Form


When you did the test on LinkedIn, your form should be on the list. Select the form. You can use form “is” or form “contains”

In the flow, you can set up the necessary actions according to your campaign’s needs.