How to concatenate fields in Marketo


Concatenating fields in Marketo is great for keeping track of past vs. recent activities. For example you might be interested to see which product the lead was first interested in, and which product was the last touch before conversion to an opportunity. Or maybe you are interested to see all touch points before the lead […]

LinkedIn LeadGen forms and Marketo

LinkedIn is a great platform to target your audience based on demographic criteria (company, country, job title…). What is even better, is that you can monitor your campaign performance in Marketo. In this post I will touch upon creating LeadGen forms in LinkedIn and syncing leads to Marketo. Topics covered: Create LeadGen Forms Test LeadGen […]

How to Build Webinar Programs in Marketo

Webinars are a great marketing initiative in engaging and warming up leads, but also acquiring new ones. The challenge I came across when I started using Marketo, is how to build a webinar program from scratch? After spending endless hours reading various articles, testing different ways, I though it will be a great idea to […]