Concatenating fields in Marketo is great for keeping track of past vs. recent activities. For example you might be interested to see which product the lead was first interested in, and which product was the last touch before conversion to an opportunity. Or maybe you are interested to see all touch points before the lead converts. 

Prerequisites: Create two custom text fields

  1. History “XYZ” ex: Product History, Activity History, Program History…depending on your purpose
  2. “ABC” ex: Product Interest, Recent Activity, Program Activity…

In the example below, I’d like to capture in which product the lead is interested in. The end result should look like Product B (recent) | Product A (history)

I have created a custom field “Product Interest” and used it as a hidden field behind the form, which is populated with the relevant product interest. Each form is connected to a product line.

Create a smart campaign, to listen to when a new lead is created:


In the Flow insert the following: