The GDPR technical process has given a headache to many, some companies are ahead, some are still building the flow. Here are the assets you would need to create:

GDPR Technical process




The person fills out the form to download gated content on your website. They check both checkboxes, GDPR and Marketing. The GDPR check will populate the custom field you created “GDPR Consent” is TRUE, and the “Subscribe to newsletter” will populate “Marketing consent” is TRUE.

When the form is filled out, the person will get to the Thank you landing page, where they can access the requested content, and alternatively an email with the content will be sent to their email address to access the content at any time.

You can set up a process in Marketo:
1. If “Marketing consent” is TRUE, then send “Double opt-in confirmation email” after 2-5min.
2. If clicks link in email, email is “double opt-in confirmation email” and link is “confirm your email”, then: change data value Double opt-in is TRUE, data value Double opt-in date is {{system.datetime}}

If the prospect does not confirm their email address, then they are not double opt-in. Therefore you can’t add them to a nurture program to continue receiving marketing emails. This does not mean you should delete them from your database. A suggestion is to delete persons if they are inactive for a longer period of time, 180, 240 or 365 days. Finding inactive leads will be described in detail in the next blog post.